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There’s no ‘I’ in opportunity. Oh, wait …

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Not many of us will get to start a company with several hundred million dollars. Not all of us want to. “I wish someone else would do this,” says Xero CEO Rod Drury, one of the six founders of Pacific Fibre. He wants what Pacific Fibre will bring—faster, deeper internet access to all New Zealanders—but he could do without the responsibility of making it happen. He has enough on his plate.

Still, there he is, with Stephen Tindall and Sam Morgan, reaching into their (admittedly deep) pockets to make Pacific Fibre a reality. As our story on page 34 says, the opportunity was there and the trio had come to the conclusion that nobody else would do it. “At some point,” says Drury, “you just have to act.”

It’s a mantra that will be resonating around the country this year, from the Rugby World Cup to the general election. In Auckland, Mayor Len Brown will be watching the weeks slip past as he tries to turn the city into the Pacific idyll it’s always pretended to be. In Wellington, John Key will be thinking about an election that’s his to lose; but some of his ministers will be looking back at their first term and thinking much more could have been achieved. They’ll already be planning for the second term, traditionally the time when a government truly makes its mark.

And in Canterbury, emerging from the long provincial nightmare of 2010, the locals have turned their minds to life after the rebuild. It was easy to take Christchurch’s architectural heritage for granted; now that people are discussing what will replace it, grand and fantastic schemes are taking shape. (Kris Herbert looks at some of them on page 50.)

We hope Cantabrians continue to dream big, and act on those dreams too. We’re often content in New Zealand to let others blaze the way, but the opportunity is there for those who, like the founders of Pacific Fibre, can see the value of a good idea and find a way to make it happen.

Matt Cooney

Originally published in Idealog #32, page 6

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