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New look, new sections, new website: it's the all new Idealog. From Sam Morgan's south American dairy venture to the Kiwi at the centre of solar technology that could reshape the world economy, plus our six back-section departments (Venture, Tech, Brand, Strategy, Sustain and Design) give you plenty to get your teeth into.


8 The only constant

Editor Matt Cooney's final word.


13 A Kiwi director's New York love story

Aucklander Maria Ines Manchego is a photographer, cinematographer and director living in hipster ground zero—Brooklyn, New York’s Williamsburg. The quietly-spoken Chilean–New Zealander recently shot her first feature with Kiwi director Florian Habicht.

14 Wiggs' Way: Ideas new and old, overseas aspiration and rebrands

New idea or old idea better? How to expand your overseas presence? And what's the deal with rebranding?

16 High spirits: The thriving Kiwi distilling industry

The independent Kiwi spirits industry is alive—and with a kick

18 Give me some hackerspace

Tangleball is the latest addition to the growing global trend of DIY makerspaces, born of a desire to get offline and create tangible objects in a community-oriented way.

20 Object obituary: Farewell the typewriter

Click clack click clack TING: The typewriter is dead


22 We Can Create profile: Sara Blake

We talk to New York-based illustrator, designer and art director Sara Blake about her imminent visit to our shores.


24 IdealGear

Design-led delights

The Idealog Guide to Innovation

40 Prototyping and testing

Why you need to test your idea, and why it's going to be more complicated and expensive than you first thought. Plus: how to knock out a lightning-fast prototype

44 Launch and sales: Commercialisation

Now comes the biggest reality check of all: convincing customers

51 Keeping the cash flowing without passing the buck

Completely obvious thing business people still manage to forget, #92: Cash is the lifeblood of innovation and any new business

58 Sustainable innovation: Is there any other kind?

Doing business in a way that means you can keep doing it for the foreseeable future

64 Innovate, or learn Mandarin. It's your choice

Innovation is pretty much the only thing that can prevent New Zealand from becoming a second-class plantation nation.


66 Leitíssimo strikes dairy gold in Brazil

A combination of Kiwi practices, verdant land and cash from clued-up investors like Sam Morgan yields Leitíssimo three times the production it would generate in New Zealand. Is this the end of our dairy industry - or the next step for IP?

74 The Dunedin movie makers with a conscience

The four young filmmakers of Splashroom Media are turning their ideals into a business, for the good of us all.

81 Alta Devices' quest to turn solar cells commercial

What if we could access solar energy as easily and cheaply as the grid? An idealistic young Kiwi is at the centre of a technology that could radically reshape the global economy.

89 Kiwi director Martin Campbell talks CGI, Wellywood and multimillion-dollar budgets

He's possibly New Zealand's most commercial director—responsible for big-name blockbusters like The Mask of Zorro, Goldeneye, Casino Royale and Green Lantern. Long relocated to London, Martin Campbell talks to Felicity Monk about Peter Jackson, multimillion-dollar budgets and the Wellywood sign.


99 Ponoko 'the future of manufacturing' - Anderson

Ponoko gets Wired-up to more cutting-edge advice

100 Lovin' screenful

What's good for the state broadcaster is good for you too

102 Where's all the VC gone?

Private equity's booming again. So where's the venture capital?

104 Book review: The Case for Creativity

Muggles control the money and therefore have the power of life and death over things like, er, advertising.

104 Is creativity all it's cracked up to be?

Is creative advertising effective advertising? James Hurman argues it is

105 Choosing talent is a talent in itself

Much as I like poring over photographs of the Beautiful People, the awful truth is that there is no science to it whatsoever.

105 When innovation generates paralysis

Innovation creates clutter, not growth. It's time to focus on simplicity

106 Getting in the (Rugby World Cup) zone

Be careful what colour shirt you wear around the Rugby World Cup

108 Compulsory fun

The creative field isn't all sex, drugs and bFM. But maybe it should be

109 Gizza mortgage

Somewhere along the way, banks decided they'd rather lend to homeowners than business.

109 Book review: The Road from Ruin

Since the GFC, a lot has been written about the demise of capitalism. But its death is exaggerated.

110 Petone will do just fine for IRL, thanks

Petone: decent rugby team, good coffee, great scientists. Let's leave it that way

112 Pumped up

Give us a real inflation index

112 Food prices up, but spending flat - Paymark

Are higher food prices driving us to the gym?

114 Corporatism and CSR make for awkward bedfellows

Time to rewrite capitalism? Why not? Nick Main, Deloitte's global head of sustainability, spreads a message of purpose, profit and carbon constraints. Is he serious?

115 It's time to face up to yesterday's shocks and grow our future

What if we mapped our key city, Auckland, into its own bioregions? Or Christchurch, or even Hamilton? What if we identified the social capital and ecological resources available and mapped them over existing infrastructure?

115 Book review: Plastiki

Could a fully recyclable performing vessel be engineered almost entirely out of reclaimed plastic bottles, cross the Pacific while demonstrating real world solutions?

117 Designing for Dubai sensibilities

Creating lingerie stores in the conservative Middle East market was quite an undertaking for Space Studio.

118 Future light: The LED lighting explosion

They say good things take time. Tell that to the inventor of the first compact fluorescent lamp (CFL), Ed Hammer, who developed his idea in 1975 while working as a senior physicist at GE Lighting. It took the mass market decades to cop onto the environmental and cost-saving benefits of the low-energy bulbs. But after being heralded as the energy-efficient lighting of the future, CFLs have since been criticised for their mercury content. So what’s next? Another form of lighting that has also been on the backburner for decades.

118 How corporatism killed the art fair

Even the press have moved on from the once-edgy atmosphere at Milan's Zona Tortona.

119 Art that asks the right-royal questions

The backdrop to this presentation is yet another round of power struggles between left and right to control the margins and, under MMP, potentially the centre of the New Zealand political scene and ultimately the purse strings of New Zealand Inc.

120 Forgotten in life, remembered in death

We all remember Beethoven and his work, but no one recalls his banker.