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Welcome to the Design issue, featuring veteran Kiwi brand Avanti, artisan food, custom QR codes, wireless car charging and the NZers selling espresso machines to Italians.


10 Sisters take on Queenstown with high-end hotel offering

Two young, smart sisters are taking on Queenstown’s hotel scene

14 Agony Lance: Elevator pitches, dollars and sense, and the way to go

Lance Wiggs tackles your tricky business problems.


16 Let's get this show on the road

New Zealand's film history has been squirreled away online – until now

18 Auckland startup charges ahead with wireless car charging

New Zealand transport is charging ahead in the wireless realm – and an Auckland company is in the driver’s seat.

20 Object obituary: The plain old telephone

Hello, are you there? Erm, no, not anymore

22 QR codes get the designer treatment

SET QR, a New Zealand tech company, is hitting QR codes with the design stick.

27 Phil O'Reilly: Taking care of business

Phil O’Reilly fronts up to have a chat about the state of the nation

30 IdealGear

Stuff, stuff, and ... more stuff. Includes a revamped boombox – also known as a ‘wogbox’. No joke


36 Brand Avanti racing ahead - 25 years on

Deirdre Robert takes a sneak peek inside Avanti’s techy hub and finds the brand on track for success.

43 Rocket Espresso's Andrew Meo on selling coffee to Italians

Expat Andrew Meo is selling espresso to Italians after taking over Rocket’s coffee machines.

48 Delicious by design: Kiwi kai making waves at home and abroad

Vincent Heeringa eats ... and eats ... and eats, all in search of design-led food and beverages


65 No overflow from this Cup

The Cup might be pulsating as a spectacle, but spending patterns remain indicative of tough times.

78 Engage, surprise and delight the UX way

David MacGregor took a front row seat at the Ministry of Science and Innovation’s conference UX11.

79 Book review: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth

It's that moment when you use technology to make decisions about buying

80 Relevance rules in the new age of advertising

The golden days of advertising are gone

82 Googleplusgood – but is good good enough?

If LinkedIn is Facebook if Amway had invented it, then Google+ is Facebook if, well Google had

83 Reading the telephone tea leaves

While most phone makers muddle around in the middle, there's one outstanding performer – and one in catastrophic decline

84 Mixing profit and altruism, the Peter Salmon way

Peter Salmon is doing good and being paid for it; his hybrid programmes combine all the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs with social aims of do-gooders.

85 Time for a patent shake-up

Hold on to your back teeth – and your ideas. Patent laws in the US are a-changing to align with New Zealand and the rest of the world

86 Let's end the flip-flopping on R&D

Our R&D strategy should last longer than an MP's contract.

87 Time for a trip to the dentist?

We’re not buying more flowers or CDs for our loved ones but we are getting round to visiting the dentist and optometrist.

87 Rising oil prices: Is stockpiling the answer?

In a situation reminiscent of the 70s, the world economy has been battered by myriad oil price shocks in recent years. Can anything be done to make things better?

87 Book review: On China

Henry Kissinger's definitive account of US-China relations is fascinating, though bogged down in detail.

88 Green shoots in cleantech field

The untapped potential of our geothermal and biomass resources is being explored in Taupo.

89 Climate friendly, yes, but how?

Why fly when you can cycle? It's a valid question.

92 Why we should stop getting Aussies to design our buildings

The New Zealand architecture industry is suffering from a lack of confidence, says Andrew Patterson.

93 Book review: New Zealand by Design

Less a reference tome, more of a conversation starter

95 Packaging just one battle in the cigarette war

Is tackling cigarette packaging the best way to stamp out smoking?

96 Storytelling: A leader's greatest weapon

It's the stories they tell that sell