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Dion Nash's new man brand, all about Nice Blocks, grilling Nikki Kaye and our ultimate how-to guide. Learn to how pick the perfect wine, lunch like a rock star, get on the front page and more


10 Inspiring creative envy with Kelvin Soh and Joanna Alpe

Fancy making your creative self jealous? Here are two artists making waves in the world of all things imagination, creativity and design. Eat yo' heart out.

12 A quick word with ... Adam Bryce

One of the faces behind Telecom's 'smart network', Adam Bryce, cut his teeth on the Karl Lagerfeld school of aesthetics.

14 A bootcamp for gaming bootstrappers

Incubator Creative HQ has pushed the go button on its inaugural gaming bootcamp. Thumbs at the ready...

17 New life for ghost town Denniston in forward-thinking design proposal

Former mining town Denniston - home to just six people - could find itself a leading light in design.

19 FaceMe: Shaking up video calling

FaceMe's take on video conferencing is taking off.

21 All about: the jandal

Jandals. They're like sporks. How? Both words, dear reader, are what etymologists know as 'blends' – they combine elements from two existing words to create a new one. In the case of the spork, the progenitors were spoon, and fork. As for the jandal: Japanese sandal, of course.

26 Agony Lance: Horrible bosses, endless whingers and scandals

Lance Wiggs help with your tricky business problems.

28 Nikki Kaye on doorknocking, copping flak and fostering innovation

Nikki Kaye tells Hazel Phillips how she's faring, nearly six months on from defending her position in a spot of national significance.

30 Triumph & Disaster: The hot new man brand

Dion Nash, founder of the just-launched skincare company Triumph & Disaster, tells Simon Pound how metrosexuality translates to a hot new brand.

33 Hayley King and the business of art

Hayley King has pulled together business and art in creating her all-encompassing design label Flox.

34 The Go Vocab way with words

Go Vocab is revolutionising language learning for the self-motivated.

37 Hapara brings classrooms into the cloud

Rebuffed by Kiwi investors, Hapara is off to Silicon Valley to show them how it's done.

38 Wetox strikes gold in sludge

Wetox goes panning for phosphates and comes up with $1 million.


41 How To: Lunch like an 80s rockstar

Ad man Mike Hutcheson was in the agency game through the heady glory days of the 80s and lived to tell the tale. So if anyone knows how to do lunch, and do it like you mean it, he's the man with the plan. His top 10 rules to live and lunch by:

42 How To: Get on the front page

In an age where the media loves to feast on bad news, not good news, how do you score maximum media exposure without a filthy crisis to go with it? Deborah Pead, from leading PR firm Pead PR, has pretty much seen it all.

44 How To: Turn your passion into cash

Self-publishing is an avenue more and more authors are taking. Here's how to make the self-publishing route work for you.

45 How To: Choose wine to impress anyone – even the in-laws

Jayson Bryant speaks fluent Vino. He not only knows his onions, he also knows his Nosiolas from his Timorassos and his Tempranillos from his Malbecs. Should you be searching for the perfect bottle to cart along to dinner, Bryant's tips will cover your ground, be it friends, family, or ... the in-laws

46 How To: Deliver a winning speech

Idealog publisher and general troublemaker Vincent Heeringa is an experienced impromptu speaker, even when he's prepared. Here's how he makes it look easy. Go on, kids. Try this one at home.

46 How To: Shut down a dinner party bore

Business consultant Lance Wiggs has suffered his way through more snoozeworthy dinner party conversations than you could shake a breadstick at. Stopping the insanity can be done- but sometimes you have to just suck it up and take one for the team.

47 How To: Read your rival's financial statements

As a former general manager of Freeview and current chief financial officer of Image Centre Group, Steve Browning knows how to crunch any number that comes his way, and even a few that don't. Here's how to read your competition's financial statements.

48 Creative Futures: Massey University's big bet

Massey University’s push to marry up business with creativity.

54 Nice Blocks' frozen assets

It's a classic Kiwi story of little guy made good. And after being pitted against dairy giant Fonterra over perceived product similarities, the two blokes behind brand Nice Blocks are hanging off the back end of a tiger.


70 The final frontier of art

Big art is a metaphor for Big Brother in both the Orwellian and primetime sense.

71 Book review: Helmut Newton, Polaroids

If you are a lover of fashion, red lips, 80s glamour, lamborghinis, French Vogue, 70s Playboy, supermodels, nudity and general excess, Helmut Newton, Polaroids gives you 224 full colour pages of it.

71 How to nurture your creative soul

If you listened carefully, what might your 21-year-old self be telling you?

72 On location with Snapr

Geo-tagging, photosharing app Snapr is well placed to carve out a niche in this burgeoning space.

73 Free to p(l)ay: the rise of freemium

Console games, known as AAA in the industry, are dying, consigned to nostalgic nooks alongside Donkey Kong, C64 tape games and Super Mario.

73 Book review: One Click - Jeff Bezos and the rise of the Amazon

Less a biography then an extended Wikipedia entry, One Click dives straight into Amazon's seamless patented ordering method of the same name.

74 #QantasLuxury a social media fail? Far from it

Pitchforks and flaming torches were in short supply last year during Qantas' trial by social media fire.

75 Don't be charitable, be valuable

Do charitable donations really contribute to consumers' respect for brands?

75 Creative lessons from the kitchen

You'd be surprised what you can cook up on the advertising stove if only you let it simmer a while.

76 Economic growth: too clean and green?

One of the most annoying false arguments we have in New Zealand is about where economic growth should come from.

77 The Madrid protocol bullfight

How can you adequately protect your trademark internationally?

78 NZ, Inc: Sustainability shareholder

Biz whiz Derek Handley reckons sustainability and innovation would make for smashing bedfellows.

79 Land grabbing by the Department of Destruction

What is the point of having a Department of Conservation if it doesn’t, erm, conserve anything?

80 We've got growth covered. Now how about exporting?

What does the Deloitte Fast 50 tell us about Kiwi businesses? A lot. And nothing much.

96 Shaking up the communal songsheet

Organisations need injections of fresh thinking for their health and long-term survival. It's knowing how to do it that's the trick.