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From the Innovators Awards to the Best Awards, we're celebrating the country's smartest and most creative minds. Plus we go into New Zealand's first accelerator, Lightning Lab, for the downlow on how it plans to turbocharge the tech scene; the skinny on cycle brand Solo's retro style; and plenty more to sink your teeth into.


10 Cooking up ideas at Sidart's Test Kitchen

Sidart culinary guru Sid Sahrawat creates a special Idealog dish.

11 Special Group takes OOB to the masses

With a colour palette taken from fashion rather than food, the artist formerly known as Omaha Organic Berries is getting a makeover. Say hello to OOB.

12 All in a Timely manner

Timely is one to watch, taking on GenBook, Schedulicity and BookFresh at their own game.

15 Nerd Soiree: Lady smarts unite

Nerd Soiree is a collective of lady geeks who enjoy a chat and the occasional social glass of wine.

17 Snackle's smart posters catch on

Snackle Smart Posters. The term might not seem familiar yet, but it won't be long before the distinctive sheets of paper look as normal in any restaurant as a set of menus.

17 A new sort of Pod

We love gadgets here at Idealog HQ, and we particularly love the outdoors. So when we saw the LeisurePod, we were tickled pink and wanted to take it for a burn around the block.

18 Idealogic: The Ridges

Idealog runs a well-calibrated ruler over this season's most compelling televised train wreck to reveal, once and for all, what makes The Ridges tick.

21 All about: the interrobang

Or: you want me to write a column about what?!

23 For MinuteDock, time is money

MinuteDock founders James Nisbet and Nik Wakelin are a couple of Wellington lads who jumped at an unseen market opportunity when they grew tired of copying and pasting timesheets into invoices at the end of the month.

25 Wiki New Zealand opens treasure trove of data to the masses

New Zealanders care about issues, but information isn't always accessible. Lillian Grace aims to fix that through Wiki New Zealand.

26 Mind your manners

You might know your fork from your knife, but do you know your Vichyssoise from your Sacher Torte? Avoid being caught short with our quick guide to business etiquette (with a little helping hand from manners expert Patsy Rowe, of course).

28 Safety first with a smile at Newclare

Security companies conjure up images of burly scowling bouncers on a power trip, but a new Wellington player – Newclare Welfare + Security – is challenging that notion.

30 Challenges and opportunities: Best Awards Black Pin winner Sven Baker talks shop

Designworks chief executive Sven Baker was MIA at the 2011 Best Awards, preferring instead to direct his focus at fundraising for Christchurch. Last year Baker was back to pick up the Black Pin award. Josh Martin puts the design heavyweight under the grill.


32 Gear

NZ Marketing editor Ben Fahy models the latest and greatest products that have crossed our desks at Idealog HQ.


35 Web

Updates from our digital frontier.

36 Agony Lance: Lost in translation

How do you reach wealthy overseas markets?

36 Agony Lance: Not enough fibre

Why did Pacific Fibre not make it?

36 Agony Lance: Paper headache

A better way to tackle accounting.


41 Solo's retro cycle of style

Inspired by the golden era of European pro-cycling, Solo founder Paul Mason has created a New Zealand-based cycle gear brand that's sparked a retro renaissance. Even Lance Armstrong agrees.

46 Lightning Lab: NZ's first startup accelerator gets lift-off

Lightning Lab, New Zealand's first startup accelerator, is out to jumpstart the Kiwi software scene in Silicon Welly.

52 Innovation nation

Each year the New Zealand Innovators Awards honour and recognise the cream of the crop of our creative economy. This year's no different, and the finalist list was stacked with some of the smartest brains and technologies in the country. Here's what they're up to – and what makes them so gosh-darn incredible.

54 Innovators Awards 2012: Environment winner, Outpost Wasp

Outpost is doing its bit for the global water shortage with its smart water meters and sensors.

54 Innovators Awards 2012: Marketing and communications winner, Kiwibank

When was the last time you queued up to see a bank teller in person?

55 Innovators Awards 2012: ICT winner, TouchHistory

TouchHistory by the Gibson Group has brought the digital collections of museums, city governments, and corporate archives to life in a socially interactive environment.

56 Innovators Awards 2012: Most inspiring individual, Dr Alison Stewart

Dr Alison Stewart is designing biopesticides for healthy plants.

56 Innovators Awards 2012: Food/beverage winner, Oritain

Thanks to Oritain, a consumer can buy a piece of fruit in a German supermarket and track it back to the exact orchard it originated in.

57 Innovators Awards 2012: Sustainability/cleantech winner, Powersmart

Tokelau is well on the track to becoming the first 100 percent solar powered nation on earth, and the Bay of Plenty’s Powersmart is a key part of the operation.

59 Innovators Awards 2012: Health/science winner, Hemoglobin A1c controls

Canterbury Scientific’s 2011 surge in revenue earned the company a spot among the Technology Investment Network’s annual list of New Zealand’s ‘Top 10 Hot Emerging Companies’. A year on, it’s doubled in size, thanks in no small part to its cornerstone product, the HbA1c – a blood test used in the management of diabetes.


64 Ian Athfield: Simply the best

To snag the Designers Institute of New Zealand's highest honour, the John Britten Black Pin, the winner must be a star among stars.

65 Our pick of the Best

The cream of the crop of aesthetic brilliance from the 2012 Best Awards.

70 Biotech 'bonanza'

Who's making money out of biotech?

71 Earning our stars (and stripes)

Does our DIY mindset help or hinder us on the international stage?

71 Book review: The Hour Between the Dog and Wolf

Fight or flight. That pretty much describes this book.

72 Tracking F&P Healthcare's unstoppable growth

While its cousin has been sold off, F&P Healthcare is quietly growing into the largest New Zealand-owned technology company, doubling in size every five years. What's the secret to the spectacular growth – and can it continue?

74 UniServices boss going out on a high

Peter Lee, chief executive at UniServices, is leaving the company in March after eight years at its helm, steering the University of Auckland-owned R&D firm through thick and thin.

75 Book review: Will There Be Donuts?

Will There Be Donuts? is staunchly anti-meeting, but a few essays – rather than a book of 290 pages – could have done the trick.

75 The dangers of over-reaching

Getting this tree-hugging country's populace along for the resources ride will require finesse.

76 Alec Ross: Harnessing technology for diplomacy and development

Alec Ross sits down with Idealog to talk tech, anonymity, and the dark side of the digital revolution.

77 Mashing it up with Emily Banks

A day in the life of Mashable staffer Emily Banks.

78 The rise of personality marketing

Move over Google, it's about the personal touch.

79 A guide to managing reputation

Simpson Grierson media litigation expert Tracey Walker has penned a guide to reputation management in the digital age.

79 Book review: Authorpreneurship - the business of creativity

Reckon you've got a book (or two) inside you but just not sure how to get them out or what to do with them once they've broken free?

80 Rekindling an old flame

How much wood would you chuck, if you could chuck wood? Juliet Arnott wouldn't chuck any of it.

81 Time to take (environmental) matters into our hands

Decisive political action hasn't happened anywhere in the world, which suggests it's about as likely here as Santa coming down the chimney.

81 Activism for smartasses

You've got your lumberjack shirt and Almanzo Wilder beard. Now accessorise with a hip social campaign to make the world a happier place.

120 The 'wisdom' of crowds

Crowdsourcing and mass thought is all the rage, but there's a risk involved in following the common ruck.


87 Making the most of megatrends

It's high time more of New Zealand's business heads got ahead of the global curves so they're not just picking up the leftovers from everybody else's smart moves.