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 How much wood would you chuck, if you could chuck wood? Juliet Arnott wouldn't chuck any of it.

Having grown up on a farm, Juliet Arnott always appreciated the value of wood.

That’s why she launched Rekindle last year, an organisation taking waste wood from demolished buildings and transforming it into lovingly crafted, quirky furniture.

Arnott’s mission with Rekindle is two-fold. Firstly, she hopes to help communities make full use of their waste wood, reducing the amount of valuable wood sent to landfills throughout New Zealand. Secondly, she links with youth organisations, providing many young people with their first job and woodwork skills, then helping them move on to apprenticeships, tertiary education, or future employment.

“We’re transforming the waste wood, but it’s also transformative for young people who are exposed to this kind of meaningful work for the first time,” Arnott says.

Rekindle has an active presence in Christchurch, establishing a workshop in the city and liaising with demolition companies and the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) to gain access to wood that would otherwise be sent to landfill.

Originally published in Idealog #42, page 80

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and here's the video to go with your story :)

This is brilliant! Well done Laura.

And well done Juliet!
And Ash - what a well made doco!
I cannot believe that Gerry Brownlee and his merry band of 'old dunger' demolishers were happy to assign reuseable native timber to the scrapheap!
On second thoughts - I can believe it.
May the sanity that is growing at grassroots level in Christchurch spread throughout the land!

Beautiful photos Laura, and keep up the amazing work Juliet! Such an inspiration… Keep fighting the good fight.

We love you, and Rekindle :)xo

Heads off… Juliet Arnott, this lady is really working a very good job for environment and youngsters. I think, we can also help her and we also can give first job for all fresher's who want to work as carpenter, finally she is saving many trees in today's modern world.

Juliet Arnott is today's super woman; she is saving many of waste wood. Now a days forest is decreasing dramatically therefore she is doing a very good job, and we should do also this work for saving the woods. Through the waste wood we can try to make some furniture for poor people.

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