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8 From the Editor


17 Emerging talent: Fashion designer Cathy Hansby

Cathy Hansby built her fashion brand the personal way—on Trade Me

18 Round-about rooms

Dunedin design students sell their creations alongside some design superstars. Plus ‘what cows are made from’ and ‘hard sell’

19 MadeFromNZ taps into Kiwi pride

Two creative Kiwis are planning to turn the world’s beaches into a canvas for New Zealand sculpture. First, they’ve got some t-shirts to sell

20 The talent scout: Shelley Page

Shelley Page travels to animation festivals and schools around Europe for talent. Tough gig

22 Shanghai and Southside

For the first time, this year’s AUT design class includes a group from Shanghai

24 Alt TV's Thane Kirby is out to reinvent telly

Is there room between MTV and YouTube? You bet, says ALT TV’s Thane Kirby

24 The real sideswipe

Ana Samways is showing how new-media journalism for the masses might work

28 Rod Drury: Repeat offender

Rod Drury just doesn’t know when to stop. This year he sold his email management company, AfterMail, to US-based Quest Software for US$45 million, and in November he won the Entrepreneur of the Year title at the 2006 Hi-Tech Awards. Time to relax? No way—Drury is investing in a string of local IT startups and blogging up a storm too. Just what is it that he wants to prove?


56 Agenda 2011

The Rugby World Cup can supercharge our creative economy and put New Zealand on global display. Here’s how

69 New Zealand, meet the new you

What does New Zealand mean to them, up there? Sheep? Scenery? New thinking from the UK suggests that New Zealand has a rare opportunity to mean something very special in the northern hemisphere. Are we up to it? Jake Pearce lays down his own 2011 challenge for selling Brand New Zealand

74 Meet the man who gave Red Bull wings

Josef Roberts turned Red Bull, a little-known energy drink with legal problems, into a pop phenomenon in New Zealand and Australia—and made millions in the process. He talks exclusively to Idealog about guerilla marketing, taking on the big boys, life after the Big Deal, and the down-home Kiwi company he plans to build into a global superbrand. By Matt Cooney

84 We are not here to do what has already been done

We claim to value fresh ideas above all else, but a study of the biggest blockbusters suggests that there’s a limited market for the truly unique. So why the fuss over novelty? James Hurman examines our obsession with originality


93 Brand new

I sometimes feel that I want to throttle the next person who uses the word ‘brand’. The term gets bandied about in a mix of ignorance, pop marketing-speak and pseudo-science, depending on who has appropriated it. So Primal Branding comes as a great relief. Its central proposition is simple, and the story well-told

93 The PJ way

The inside word from Peter Jackson

94 Requiem mass (media)

TV ads are mostly waste. That’s about to change

95 Future schlock

An old fogey looks at the work of today’s yoof

96 Real hits in the virtual world

Why is Second Life such a success? It’s the economy, stupid

98 How to ... schmooze up a storm

The best business is done at lunch. But does working the room scare you? Successful networking is easy. Just follow the rules of schmooze

100 How Geoff Ross tells the NZ story

How Geoff Ross tells the Enzed story

102 A blockbuster on the beach

Picked your books for Christmas? If so, you’re bucking the trend


51 Presented with Better By Design

Branding by design |  Learn how design-led companies are designing their brands—and using branding to transform their businesses from good to great