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8 From the Editor


17 Emerging talent: Christchurch band The Dukes

When Christchurch band The Dukes decided they were in the music industry for the long haul, joining the Guinness World Records in mile-high style was not quite what they imagined

18 Pacific Simulators builds virtual aircrafts for kicks

Pacific Simulators builds virtual aircrafts for kicks

18 Fair deal

A new pitch for a worthy cause

19 Pacific pews from Sanctuary Furniture

Old and modern are fused with oak and matai

19 Punched flat

A flat victory in the paper wars

20 Fail early and fail cheap, says Biocon head Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw

Advice for the hi-tech startup: ‘Fail early and fail cheap’

23 Behind the curtain at FX Bikes

Mike Hodgkinson has invented a whole new genre of motorbike

26 Richard Branson goes green

When he’s not promoting space tourism or throwing his cabin crew into the Avon River, Richard Branson is funding research into biofuels and sustainable business. Last year he announced that all the profits from his airline business would go to research on climate change and sustainability. On his whistle-stop tour of Enzed, Branson talked to Idealog about Al Gore, the Arctic and what you can learn from the Sex Pistols


34 Silverscreen's final scene

For 33 years, the glow of Silverscreen was golden. Their Toyota ads welcomed us to their world and the L&P Stubbies spots showed us that world was classic Kiwi, butt cracks and all. But in January our most successful production house closed its doors. What happened? Gena Tuffery investigates

44 Is Maori culture too precious to brand?

From the All Black haka to Michael Campbell’s new fashion label, Cambo, Maori culture and branding are helping New Zealand position itself in an increasingly crowded global market. But as Amokura Panoho reports, international interest doesn’t necessarily create opportunities at home

50 A tale of two Bills - pioneers of cancer treatment

Two New Zealand scientists—both called Bill—are pioneering a radical cancer treatment. In the process they’re rewriting the way New Zealand science does business. Idealog reports on the multimillion-dollar progress of Proacta

54 Mapping innovation

To find the next great ideas, follow the tractors, tourists and drinkers. By PJ O'Rourke

60 New tube: the changing face of NZ TV

More screens, more channels, more choices—television is being reinvented by new technology and new ventures. That all adds up to more opportunity for creative Kiwis prepared to think outside the box. By Matt Cooney

66 On the road to nowhere

Feeling comfortable in your Pacific idyll? Times are good in Godzone, right? Don’t kid yourself, New Zealand—we’re going nowhere and most of us don’t seem to care. Vincent Heeringa worries aloud about our slow economic decline

73 Backstage: behind the lens with Mark Roach

Idealog presents Mark Roach’s photographs inside the Kiwi music industry


94 Adding up art

The art industry finally receives its own ‘confidence’ survey

95 The search for truth

The fashion world is finding new ways to deliver speed and integrity

96 Shanghai surprise

Internet piracy has Hollywood scared—but it may solve another problem

98 Time to sign

Stem cell research can’t be left in the too-hard basket

99 The last days of the Raj

Why the sun will never set on the mind of Peregrine Northington

100 What I've learned about ... throwing a party

Many a loosely-labelled ‘legendary party’ involves the police, but only a truly legendary party changes the law. Chris Morley-Hall was part of the 90s British rave movement that welcomed the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act with fiercely brandished glow-sticks. But these days he works with the law enforcers and has earned an open-ended consent to put on this country’s biggest street festival—Wellington’s Cuba Street Carnival

102 State of the art

It’s not enough for art just to be authentic


81 Creative showcase

The new web masters | How are you preparing for the second web revolution?