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Nosh gets cosy with Waitrose

Specialty grocer Nosh has struck a deal with British heavyweight Waitrose, expanding its catalogue of international suppliers.

Nosh Food MarketUp to 100 Waitrose-branded products will be on the shelves of Nosh's six food markets in time for Christmas.

It's all part of a grand plan to continue growing in New Zealand, according to Nosh director Clinton Beuvink.

He said Nosh would look to franchise a number of new stores in order to raise funds to open 20 branches in the North Island in the next five years.

"With 264 stores in the UK and two in Dubai, Waitrose knows how to manage an extended retail operation where efficiency is fundamental to cost containment. This experience will provide Nosh with insights into best practices and logistics which we will apply as we continue to expand our own footprint and increase our share of the grocery market to our target of 5 percent."

The Waitrose range will not replace any New Zealand food products.

He said Waitrose placed great importance on the traceability of its products, much like the Nosh approach to sourcing.

"The buyers are experts in their fields and spend a lot of time with growers, farmers and suppliers, building relationships based on trust and respect. That means our customers can buy with confidence."

There are no plans to sell the business to foreign investors, he said.

"We're proudly Kiwi-owned and operated. Our ethos has always put the customer at the centre of the business – and that means putting the widest variety of quality goods on the shelves, whether locally produced or sourced internationally."

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Why only the North Island?

There's plenty of folk here in Christchurch who would appreciate Nosh (and plenty who would like access to Waitrose products too).

Ooh, can't wait!

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