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Cookie Time poised to go global

The quintessential Kiwi snack is heading overseas, with the iconic Cookie Time company in talks to extend the brand overseas.

Cookie Time general manager Lincoln Booth said Cookie Time had been working on the deal for the last two years and he feels that there is a good understanding of the product overseas.

Booth said the company would focus on exporting its One Square Meal product before taking Cookie Time cookies abroad.

Cookie Time was excited about licensing One Square Meal, which he said was the way forward for the product.

“[One Square Meal] is a definite point of difference, a world-first, with patents pending throughout the world. There is very little in way of meal replacements that deliver what One Square Meal delivers.”

Booth said there was a demand for the product overseas, specifically in North America, UK, Canada, and Australia – markets they had not previously looked at.

The company is currently in discussion with a number of potential key partners, although Booth would not name them.

One Square Meal was created in 2005. It is a meal replacement bar which meets one-third of a person’s daily nutritional requirements.

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