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Lobby group sets sights on taking down ‘retro-sexist’ Tui ads

A new Auckland lobby group has launched a campaign to get Tui to withdraw its beer ads featuring an all-female brewery.

Of all the beer brands out there, Tui is often singled out for pushing the boundaries with its tongue-in-cheek PC-busting billboards tapping into hot topics and for supposedly using sex to sell beer with the Tui brewery girls.

“These ads are retro-sexist,” said Feminist Action spokeswoman Leonie Morris. “They mimic tired old sexist attitudes in an ironic way. They are funny only to people who are happy to laugh at put-downs of women.”

Retro-sexism, she says, promotes a form of mateship that dismisses women’s concerns and trivialises relationships with women.

She slammed the Tui brewery ads for featuring women in skimpy clothes and sexualised poses, whom she said were relentlessly depicted as more stupid than the dorky group of men who try to infiltrate the brewery.

“The ads say that men should judge women just on how they look, that women are stupid and that it’s okay to laugh at them."

The campaign will use Facebook, an online petition and other social media to gain support and put pressure on Tui owner DB Breweries to drop the ads.

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Oh this is as tedious as sensible shoes and women with deep voices. If you don't like the Tui ads, switch them off. Nobody's forcing anybody to support Tui by buying their product.

While they're at it, could they take a look at this recent trend of depicting men in commercials only as stupid buffoons. No? That's fine the way it is, is it?


'Feminist Action' are starting an 'online petion'? I bet that has DB quivering in their steel toed boots.

Why the hell is this even considered news?

Aren't there some real issues she could go and deal with which actually have a negative effect on woman's lives.

I can assure you no models were harmed in the making of the Tui ads :) (in fact the girls compete to be a Tui girl)

I like the ads. A lot. :)
Political correctness is boring.

Standard Ad model

Selling a product to a man?
- use girls, sport and blokiness

Selling a product to a woman?
- Man is doing something dumb
- Woman walks in and does something the correct way using the advertisers product/service
- Man looks like idiot
- Woman buys product

That is sexist.

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