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TV overtakes newspapers on the ad revenue charts

Television is now New Zealand’s largest medium by ad revenue, topping the charts for the first time and bumping newspapers into second place.

Figures released today by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) show advertisers spent $618 million on television airtime in 2011, an increase of $11 million from 2010. Television accounted for 28.4 percent of total spending across all media in 2011.

Newspapers clocked in with with revenue of $582 million, down from $627 million in 2010.

The biggest winner last year, not surprisingly, was digital and interactive advertising, which rose $71 million to $328 million.

The growth in TV revenue is tied to the medium’s ability to grow audience numbers, says Rob Hoar, general manager of television industry body ThinkTV.

According to TV rating research agency Nielsen, New Zealanders spent more time than ever watching television in 2011. More than three million New Zealanders now watch television every day, with each person watching on average three hours and 22 minutes a day.

Television’s growth also reflects New Zealand advertisers’ renewed confidence in the medium and the role that it plays in the modern marketing communications mix.

Hoar said advertisers were using television reach and engage a large audience and then drive that audience through other, increasingly digital, media channels direct to point of sale.

“Television becomes the starting point for a brand’s deeper digital engagement with its consumers.”

Deloitte, in its annual review of media and technology, recently said “in today’s world, TV is the medium around which all others revolve”.

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