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Brett O’Riley joins ATEED

Brett O’Riley is jumping ship from the soon-to-be-defunct MSI to ATEED, which has appointed him chief executive.

Brett O'Riley joins ATEEDAlong with three other ministries, the MSI will be absorbed into a new department known as the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.

From May 7, he will head up ATEED, and acting chief executive, Grant Jenkins, will return to his position of general manager, marketing and communications.

O’Riley is currently the deputy chief executive, business innovation and investments for the MSI and has also held senior executive positions with a number of private and public sector companies including NZICT Group, Telecom and Gen-i.

He has been involved with ATEED and Auckland Council since the inception of the supercity. He was a member of the mayor’s Hi-Tech think tank group that provided input into the Auckland Unleashed document, worked with ATEED on the Rutherford Innovation Showcase and other RWC 2011 activities.

His current governance roles include vice chairman, Pacific Telecommunications Council, Advisory Council, New Zealand Government Geospatial Executive Group, director Cavan Group Limited (tourism, telecommunications, infrastructure development consulting company) and he is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Manaiakalani Education Trust based in Pt. England, Tamaki Basin.

ATEED chairman David McConnell said the board was confident O'Riley would lead ATEED to further growth.

“On behalf of the board I am delighted to have Brett lead ATEED and work with our executive leadership group, to build on our existing programmes including Auckland’s 1- year visitor plan and major events strategy and help deliver other key strategies and programmes for Auckland. Innovation, support for priority sectors and foreign direct investment represent just some of the key work programmes that ATEED will deliver in the coming months."

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Great move for both Brett & Auckland

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