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TradeMe opens the door to Aussie retailers

TradeMe and global e-commerce platform ChannelAdvisor have cemented a new relationship that will let online retailers sell their wares directly through the auction site.

ChannelAdvisor's e-commerce software will be fully integrated with TradeMe in time for the Christmas season, allowing Australian retailers, for a start, to list their merchandise to the 600,000-plus Kiwis that visit TradeMe each day.

"It’s a great way for retailers to get in front of New Zealanders without setting up a bricks and mortar store," said TradeMe chief executive Jon Macdonald.

"We know Kiwis love to buy online, including from overseas retailers, and working with ChannelAdvisor we’ll aim to provide New Zealanders with local access to an increased range of products from global brands on TradeMe."

Mark Gray, managing director of ChannelAdvisor for Asia-Pacific, said the integration would reduce the money and time retailers spend managing products across multiple online marketplaces.

“When consumers want to buy a product online, most don’t go to a single site – they compare different retailers to find the best price. From a consumer’s point of view this is fantastic, but for online retailers the need to maintain a broad presence can be a logistical and financial challenge," he said.

 “As well as gaining greater visibility for their products in such a well-known and trusted New Zealand marketplace, these retailers will be able to better manage multiple e-commerce channels, and maintain real-time visibility into their stock levels, pricing and sales.”

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