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Massey University mobilises with iPhone-shot TVC

Many an Apple fan might say the iPhone is the greatest invention ever. And indeed smartphone technology is nothing to sneeze at, as Massey University has proved in making the country's first telly ad using an iPhone.

The Commercial Approvals Bureau has confirmed that getting the university’s vice-chancellor Steve Maharey to film its new 30-second commercial on an iPhone (screened yesterday for the first time) is a New Zealand first. 

In the ad , Maharey illustrates the story of Massey University by filming himself talking about innovative products developed by University staff and alumni – including a Massey design graduate who helped develop the iPhone, a business graduate behind the international cosmetics company Trilogy, robotic technology used for pollinating and picking apples and other fruit, and the making of food incorporating Omega 3 fish oils to increase nutritional value.

“We wanted to tell the story of Massey in a different way to reflect our innovative and creative approach to doing things,” says assistant vice-chancellor (external relations) Cas Carter.

“We chose examples that show how we continue to shape New Zealand through our research and teaching. Our research tells us that Massey appeals to brainy, practical people who want to make a difference.

"We describe ourselves as ‘the engine of the new New Zealand’ because that expresses how university staff and students are contributing to the future of New Zealand, whether it’s in food technology, design, business innovation, engineering or other areas of specialisation.”

Massey has also released a making of video that was also shot on an iPhone by Dr Max Schleser, subject director, digital media at Massey’s Institute of Communication Design.

He's a bit of a pioneer when it comes to mobile phone filmmaking. His feature film, Max with a Keitai, was one of the first to be filmed using mobile phone cameras, and he has worked on mobile media consultancy projects for Nokia.

At Massey, his research projects include 24 Frames, 24 Hours, an international collaboration which to date has attracted submissions from over 100 mobile phone film-makers who have participated in online workshops with Dr Schleser. He helped found the Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa, a local digital media network with global reach.

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