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Parnell’s new über-green Geyser building


One hundred percent fresh air, a machine that parks your car for you, and an office that stays cool without air conditioning – the future is here, and if the Geyser building in Parnell is anything to go by, it’s ... More …

Solar power goes mainstream at the red sheds


A new initiative is launching today with the aim of encouraging more Kiwis to use solar systems in their homes – while solar power has largely been sidelined as a bit of a hippie niche, it doesn't get much more ... More …

Offshore wind a major resource


It’s good to see the steady progress in the development of wind energy in New Zealand, although it seems to arouse little excitement in government circles, which reserve most of their interest for further fossil fuel development. More …

BERL report moots alternatives to lignite

Hundreds of new jobs and tens of millions of dollars could be generated for the people of Southland without developing the polluting coal industry, a new economic report by BERL has found. More …

Good, clean fun: put ya ecomagination to the test

It's cool to be green these days. GE is the latest corporate to join in the fun and games, pledging $10 million to find, fund and bring to market breakthrough New Zealand and Australian ideas for reducing our carbon ... More …