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  • The plunge

    2009-07-28 10:26:21 // // The Idealog Blog | 11 comments
    Barry Colman invited a firestorm when he announced that the NBR would stop publishing all its content online for free, and instead would save some of its material for paid subscribers. A week later, how’s he doing?
  • Grassroots revolution

    2009-07-03 08:44:52 // // Idealog #22: interact
    Innovation isn’t just a commercial buzzword. It can transform our schools, hospitals, public spaces, transport, workplaces and our leisure time. And now New Zealand has its own organisation dedicated to encouraging new thinking to transform Kiwi society.
  • What squealing shirts have to do with democratisation - Notes from the Creating Technologies Conference

    2009-06-06 17:07:46 // // The Idealog Blog
    From squealing t-shirts to flashing cycle gear, there's a lot going on in the world of paper, scissors, glue ... and microprocessors. And it's not just fun, crafty stuff either. Find out the very serious implications this creative technology has for business.
  • Heather Champ: shepherding passionate communities

    2009-02-19 15:40:45 // // The Idealog Blog
    Heather Champ is the director of community at Flickr, seeing it grow to 24 million members sharing 2.8 billions photos and videos with 3 billion page views per month.
  • Meg Pickard: content, communities and collaboration

    2009-02-19 12:24:06 // // The Idealog Blog
    Meg Pickard is the head of communities and user experience for She points out that users interact with content in many different ways. Consume, React, Curate, Create
  • Derek Powazek: the wisdom of communities

    2009-02-19 11:45:59 // // The Idealog Blog
    Author of ‘Design for Community, The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places’, Powazek is an alumnus of HotWired, Blogger and Technorati and he wondered why despite the wisdom of the crowds (Google “James Surowieck”), community generated content tends to be somewhat *low brow* results …
  • Jane McGonigal: the future of reality

    2009-02-19 09:57:34 // // The Idealog Blog | 1 comment
    McGonigal is a game researcher at the institute for the future. Her ethos is that in game-design the human experience is perfectly optimized—we feel we have purpose, we feel we are collaborating and we feel we have a meaning. Why then are other aspects of our online (and for that mater offline) experience not fulfilling all these needs?