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  • Christchurch's Rad Bikes makes a move

    2014-01-22 14:32:16 // // The Idealog Blog
    Christchurch's Rad Bikes has moved to a new site on the corner of Cashel St and High St.
  • Ask, share, give – the new face of e-commerce?

    2012-04-10 15:12:30 // // The Idealog Blog | 3 comments
    The saying ‘sharing is caring’ makes up the essence of one Aucklander’s social experiment – a website that gives away goods and services for free.
  • Bucky Box gets onside with local growers

    2012-02-27 15:31:45 // // The Idealog Blog | 5 comments
    A fresh new Kiwi startup is out to help the local food movement by taking admin hassles out of the equation so farmers can spend more time growing their tomatoes and less time sorting out receipts.
  • UPDATED: Clean Energy Centre explores possible Taupo off-grid housing community

    2012-01-25 09:44:30 // // The Idealog Blog | 3 comments
    Taupo could be in for a new eco-sustainable housing community, reshaping the way houses receive heat, electricity, water, and use wastewater.
  • Green among the vines [The rise of Waipara Valley wine]

    2010-09-30 13:27:59 // // Idealog #29: features
    Waipara Valley winemakers are reclaiming some of the diverse native vegetation once lost to the thousands of hectares of grapes. By Amanda Cropp. Plus: battling the bugs at Mud House.
  • Hit the big time

    2010-08-23 15:18:01 // // The Idealog Blog :: The Idealist
    Got the mid-winter blues, stuck in a rut, don't know where your life is going? Don't worry: this could be Your Big Year. A worldwide competition that's part of the UK's Global Entrepreneurship Week in November, Your Big Year's extremely lucky winner will embark on a 12-month, all-expenses-paid tour of the world, meeting celebrities and entrepreneurs, learning new skills and rolling up their sleeves for some volunteer work. Attend a conference in New York, take a limo ride in Vegas, learn photography in Africa, scuba dive in Australia, teach English in Ecuador, visit the Taj Mahal ... The aim is to encourage global citizenship and social responsibility through entrepreneurship. Whatever: it would sure beat surfing the net, watching telly and wondering how long till Labour Weekend.
  • Waterfront attractions announced in a bid to make the waterfront more, er, attractive.

    2010-06-22 12:00:21 // // The Idealog Blog
    The cultural and social heart of Auckland’s waterfront is set to beat fiercely by mid-2011, with the expected completion of five new attractions in Wynyard Quarter.
  • Tuneful transport

    2009-10-14 09:40:06 // // The Idealog Blog
    A nifty way to get people to take an alternative route.
  • The argument for urban design competitions

    2009-09-17 10:11:36 // // Idealog #23: workshop
    A bit of healthy competition could transform our cities
  • Finding a new gear

    2009-09-16 10:03:37 // // Idealog #23: celsias
    Recession makes everyone think again
  • The Conversation

    2009-08-07 12:59:25 // // Idealog #22: features | 3 comments
    Nobody believes business anymore. So who’s in control of your brand? It’s all of us. Here’s how the truth has been democratised, distributed and Google-optimised. It’s goodbye to the mass message and welcome to The Conversation.
  • Grassroots revolution

    2009-07-03 08:44:52 // // Idealog #22: interact
    Innovation isn’t just a commercial buzzword. It can transform our schools, hospitals, public spaces, transport, workplaces and our leisure time. And now New Zealand has its own organisation dedicated to encouraging new thinking to transform Kiwi society.
  • Manufacturing Dissent - Media Activism

    2009-06-20 14:01:37 // // The Idealog Blog | 2 comments
    Until very recently the trade-off between richness and reach with media and communications tools on the internet has seen mixed results but we are very close to some exciting breakthroughs. This means news is old when it gets through the media process as savvy consumers have already engaged to some extent in a myriad of ways (mostly online) and this alters the secondary ripples and impacts as well.
  • Fast thinking needs slow tweeting

    2009-06-06 18:42:45 // // The Idealog Blog
    One of the developing trends I have been noticing is the big rise in uber-connected people leveraging their social and business networks for a common cause. I support this but wonder if some of the media ripples from the all of this activity are being somewhat discounted?
  • Heather Champ: shepherding passionate communities

    2009-02-19 15:40:45 // // The Idealog Blog
    Heather Champ is the director of community at Flickr, seeing it grow to 24 million members sharing 2.8 billions photos and videos with 3 billion page views per month.
  • Adrian Holovaty: a mashup case study,

    2009-02-19 15:04:57 // // The Idealog Blog
    Adrian is a journalist (ahhh—that’s a good thing—a dying breed) and a developer of web apps for, and If that wasn’t enough he also co-created Django, the open-source development framework.
  • Meg Pickard: content, communities and collaboration

    2009-02-19 12:24:06 // // The Idealog Blog
    Meg Pickard is the head of communities and user experience for She points out that users interact with content in many different ways. Consume, React, Curate, Create
  • Derek Powazek: the wisdom of communities

    2009-02-19 11:45:59 // // The Idealog Blog
    Author of ‘Design for Community, The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places’, Powazek is an alumnus of HotWired, Blogger and Technorati and he wondered why despite the wisdom of the crowds (Google “James Surowieck”), community generated content tends to be somewhat *low brow* results …
  • Jane McGonigal: the future of reality

    2009-02-19 09:57:34 // // The Idealog Blog | 1 comment
    McGonigal is a game researcher at the institute for the future. Her ethos is that in game-design the human experience is perfectly optimized—we feel we have purpose, we feel we are collaborating and we feel we have a meaning. Why then are other aspects of our online (and for that mater offline) experience not fulfilling all these needs?
  • Welcome to Webstock: it's begun!

    2009-02-19 09:13:34 // // The Idealog Blog
    Well here we are in the vibrant, creative and seemingly totally web-enabled city of Wellington (disclosure—I'm a Wellington boy borne and bred). Around 600 people have jetted in from all around the world to take part in what is quickly getting a name as one of the coolest conferences bar-none (heck—even the free schwag is a better class than what seasoned conference goers are used to).
  • Welcome to Webstock

    2009-02-17 13:16:21 // // The Idealog Blog | 2 comments
    Some call Webstock the greatest conference this side of Silicon Valley, while others just call Webstock the greatest conference bar none
  • The mind expanders

    2008-12-01 09:45:54 // // Idealog #19: interact
    ‘Transportation’ might be a strange word to describe a web conference, but for Webstock it’s a good fit. Plus on their way to Webstock: Jane McGonigal and Matt Jones
  • Marketing cities and local NZ tourism

    2008-10-17 08:25:08 // // Idealog #17: workshop | 2 comments
    Our cities compete for visitors’ attention. How about giving the locals some love?
  • Build authentic brands

    2008-08-22 10:27:29 // // Idealog #16: workshop
    Lord of the Rings brought Kiwis together. Mothers give Edmonds Cookbook to children leaving home, and Buzzy Bee is a Kiwi birthright. Why are these brands so enduring? The secret is authenticity—a rare realness in a world of global brands. Authentic brands do seven things well
  • Finding your purpose in business

    2008-08-01 15:07:44 // // Idealog #16: features
    Most Kiwis aren’t desperate to get rich. Even our entrepreneurs are happy with a boat, a bach and a beamer. Rejoice in their happiness: Mike Booker discovers our small business shouldn’t be bullied into growing, and James Hurman thinks growth is the wrong target anyway. Plus: will our SMEs save us?
  • The ART Venturers

    2008-06-20 12:16:09 // // Idealog #15: features
    They came to ART Venture to speed up their design, sculpture, dance, music, festival, symposium, architecture, TV and waka projects. And they all did one thing: slow down. Gena Tuffery learns why good things take time—and great things take up to 18 months
  • Profiling Picasso

    2008-05-02 11:47:25 // // Idealog #15: now
    Throw away your de Bono, ignore your critics and embrace your appalling personality. Dr Margaret Boden, OBE, says sometimes it pays to be crazy
  • Meet my bud, Budweiser

    2008-03-28 09:00:31 // // Idealog #14: workshop
    Mothers and marketers should know when not to interrupt
  • Get networked

    2008-03-20 15:56:11 // // Idealog #14: workshop
    Facebook, Bebo, Linkedin … what’s the big deal? If markets are conversations, social networks are the biggest markets around. Here’s how (and why) to get involved, without getting in the way. Plus the birth of Bebo, brewing social alcohol and the history of social networking
  • The Webstock flock

    2007-12-11 10:46:04 // // Idealog #13: now
    The world's greatest little web conference is back