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  • Eight Wire cloud solution heads for the US

    2014-09-02 15:49:57 // // The Idealog Blog
    A New Zealand-based data management startup aiming to revolutionise the way businesses move data to the cloud has just launched in the US after a whirlwind 11 months in its own backyard.
  • How smart marketers can make the most of Census data

    2014-02-10 14:07:07 // // The Idealog Blog | 1 comment
    More detailed Census information is being released at the end of March. Critchlow's Tim Ryan shows you how to harness its power.
  • Smarter Data continued – Creepy or clever?

    2013-04-02 09:50:19 // // The Idealog Blog
    The second installment of a recap of this year's Marketing Association’s ‘Smarter Data’ event.
  • Smarter Data – the multiple faces of data marketing

    2013-03-27 14:18:06 // // The Idealog Blog
    This year's Marketing Association’s ‘Smarter Data’ event was an exploration of the various permutations of data and how these developments are shaping the digital world that we exist in.
  • LINZ spatial data service named best of the best in Asia-Pacific

    2012-11-22 10:09:59 //
    Land Information New Zealand's data service has been named winner of both the Spatial Enablement category and the JK Barrie Award for Overall Excellence at the Asia Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards.
  • ThunderMaps: personalising time/place knowledge

    2012-11-19 10:32:47 // // The Idealog Blog
    Wellington startup ThunderMaps reckons it has a solution to a problem – individuals and organisations having geo-knowledge that is valuable to others, but having no practical way of sharing their information.
  • Beyond the numbers with data artist Jer Thorp

    2012-09-06 17:08:40 // // The Idealog Blog
    Jer Thorp is data artist in residence at the New York Times. With data from smartphones, tablets and web browsers being widely touted as the future’s most valuable commodity, Thorp has very specific ideas on how this information should be used. Thorp speaks about the importance of injecting a human element into the mass world of data collection and usage. He demonstrates how important it is that normal people have access to the day-to-day data they produce, and celebrates the role gestural technology can play in helping us get as much as we can out of the information we create.
  • How to turn big data into big value

    2012-09-03 10:19:02 // // The Idealog Blog
    Data is today's currency of choice. But managing big data is something few, if any, marketers feel equipped to do.
  • Location-based intelligence a hidden Kiwi gem

    2012-08-31 10:14:34 // // The Idealog Blog
    It’s one of those ‘hidden’ industries, ripe for an explosion in growth with the increasing use of smart phones and tablets, of which Joe Public is mostly unaware.
  • The winds of visualisation

    2012-04-03 12:12:33 // // The Idealog Blog
    Getting creative with data: this animated map visualises the intricacies of windflow over the US in real time.
  • Big data money ball?

    2012-03-01 13:04:47 // // The Idealog Blog
    Big data can better help identify problems and options – so what's the catch?
  • Don't forget about the humans

    2011-11-29 10:12:06 // // The Idealog Blog | 2 comments
    It doesn’t matter how fast technology advances – there’s always someone at the end with a hand on the cable, according to Mike Walsh.
  • Wanted: Data-rich Canterbury projects

    2011-11-29 09:30:56 // // The Idealog Blog
    Land Information New Zealand has put out a call for consultants to scope work to accelerate the development of spatial data infrastructure by funding projects in Canterbury.
  • UN unveils population dashboard as world set to swell to 7 billion

    2011-10-26 17:35:54 // // The Idealog Blog
    Great things can happen at the intersection of data and technology - like this dashboard that pulls in core UN population data and trends into a digestible digital format.
  • Visualising the sands of time

    2011-10-03 17:35:18 // // The Idealog Blog
    Time is precious. So what are we doing with it?
  • Data democracy: Government moves toward information-sharing

    2011-08-15 15:05:20 // | 2 comments
    The tide of transparency has reached our shores: the government is officially urging state agencies to open up their data troves to the public.
  • Gizza mortgage

    2011-07-14 09:00:00 // // Idealog #34: workshop
    Somewhere along the way, banks decided they'd rather lend to homeowners than business.
  • Mix'n'mash for a cocktail of digital goodness

    2011-07-12 14:25:00 // // The Idealog Blog
    It's time to get your entries in for Mix & Mash, the ultimate competition dedicated to the digital presentation of ideas.
  • Brave new world: Space exploration on the digital frontier

    2011-06-29 16:45:12 //
    We may be in a period of “space exploration”, with CIOs and their staff as the “astronauts” leading the way into a new digital age. But we don’t have the skills and resources yet to deal with all this data. And just how private is our information, anyway?
  • Visual food for the eyes and brain

    2011-04-05 09:51:02 // // The Idealog Blog
    Did you know students contribute to eight tonnes of CO2 per year? Global text messages? That’s 32,000 tonnes per year. And as for ironing your shirt, that’s 25 grams per iron. A generous amount of time could be apportioned to rattling of such statistics but, as part of its part of its ecomagination initiative, GE has created this very cool site featuring a wealth of bite-sized data visualisation graphics that make it all the more digestible and accessible.
  • Pulchritude my data

    2010-09-02 09:48:00 // // The Idealog Blog | 1 comment
    Data can be boring, but it can also be a beautiful thing. Simon Todd examines how the godfather of data visualisation, David McCandless, transforms everyday bland data into a “picture sandwich”.
  • Augmented intensity

    2010-01-27 12:49:27 // // The Idealog Blog
    It’s one thing knowing where the nearest pizza joint is ... but when augmented reality has becomes the norm, it’s going to get intense. Witness this concept video, complete with mode switches, Basic Life Skills tuition and even computer-assisted encouragement for those whose self-image needs some augmentation too.
  • Nat Torkington, data hound [Nat Torkington, data hound]

    2009-12-04 12:44:07 // // Idealog #24: features | 1 comment
    In a Wellington corridor, Nat Torkington laid down a challenge—and sparked a small revolution. Julie Starr reveals how a loose collection of determined Kiwi innovators are using public data to change the ways that politicians, public servants, companies and people communicate. But is the country ready? Plus streetwise and now open.
  • Editorial

    2009-11-04 13:02:03 // // Idealog #24: interact
    Tweak time
  • The data tell the story

    2009-08-31 17:48:00 // // The Idealog Blog | 5 comments
    A first-person account of the Open Govt Data Barcamp and Hackfest.
  • Adrian Holovaty on the mashup

    2009-02-20 11:08:03 // // Idealog TV
    Adrian Holovaty is reinventing online journalism, where the data tells the tale and statistics never lie
  • Adrian Holovaty: a mashup case study,

    2009-02-19 15:04:57 // // The Idealog Blog
    Adrian is a journalist (ahhh—that’s a good thing—a dying breed) and a developer of web apps for, and If that wasn’t enough he also co-created Django, the open-source development framework.
  • David Recordan: open, social web

    2009-02-19 14:09:44 // // The Idealog Blog
    David is a tech lead for Six Apart, home of the blogging software that powers most of the world's pro blogs—Movable Type.