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  • WIN some vintage looking beer for a look-in at your fave piece of vintage

    2010-10-28 12:58:05 // // The Idealog Blog | 26 comments
    As part of DB Export’s brand makeover—which pays homage to the brand's past by incorporating retro and nostalgic design—we’re giving you the chance to revisit the 60‘s by taking home a twin-pack of the limited edition quart bottles, complete with the old style print press packaging. Just share a link with us to your favourite piece of retro design—be it food, drink, or a piece of technology. Take this stunning Walkman for example...
  • Story time with DB

    2010-10-22 12:46:45 // // The Idealog Blog | 1 comment
    It’s been 50 years and counting for beer brand DB Export, and to spruce up the brand half a century on, DB has enlisted the creative hands of Dow Design, who has added a touch of nostalgia to the family of beers.