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  • Experts debate how best to design resilient cities

    2011-07-27 11:40:34 // // The Idealog Blog | 1 comment
    New York-based landscape architect Ken Smith; urban champion at Auckland Council, Ludo Campbell-Reid; and NZ Institute of Architects president Patrick Clifford are among the experts who converged last week for session one of Unitec’s ‘Forum for the Future’ series. Session one focused on how New Zealand can create more resilient cities and among the opinions thrown around? Auckland is a 21-year-old student, full of potential but it can never make up its mind.
  • Auckland – it ain’t no Tokyo, Paris or London

    2010-09-06 11:28:16 // // The Idealog Blog
    On Thursday evening our man on the street Simon Todd ventured into Auckland Museum’s LATE event, ‘Late Innovate: City’, to take stock of what columnist Rod Oram, architect Pete Bossley, urban historian Chris Harris and panel chair Finlay Macdonald had to say about the direction of Auckland’s Supercity.