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The revolutionary power of nanotechnology


Ever thought of powering your devices through your own sweat? How about solid objects that are invisible to the eye? Or possibly even waterproofing your entire outfit? Well great news now you can do all of that, how you say ... More …


Gut instincts over big data

A total of 58% of business executives say they rely on intuition or experience as the preferred mode for big decisions, according to a survey just released by PwC. More …


Tech boom is not a bust

The splurge of listings by tech companies on the NZX is a terrific sign of health and the critics of tech stocks can go to hell. More …

Hearing it from Google’s Annie Baxter

When Annie Baxter, Google’s comms manager for Australia and New Zealand, started at the tech behemoth in 2008, there was no Chrome, no Android, no hardware, and no Google Play. So she’s had to learn as she’s ... More …


Beam me up a sofa, Scottie

A new augmented reality app from Freedom NZ lets customers teleport virtual furniture into their living room More …

Taking out the bad apple the Compac way

Compac Sorting Equipment has come a long way from a company serving the needs of kiwifruit packing houses in Te Puke. The company recently won a major gong from boffins for its innovative technology used in the horticultural industry. More …

An iBeacon of hope?

Goodbye, QR and NFC. Hello, iBeacon, with your ray of technological light. More …

A brief history of 3D printing

Did you know that the technology behind 3D printing dates back to 1986? This infographic shows where this innovative technology came from and how it has gotten to where it is today. More …