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Idealog—in the ideas business


CreativeHQ’s new matrix for startups

CreativeHQ has new ambitions to shakeup how things are done at the incubator. Speed is what it is after, as it seeks to help grow startups into commercial beings. More …


NZ lacking innovation culture, says MIT study


A Massachusetts Institute of Technology study says Auckland University has defied New Zealand's poor record in innovation, entrepreneurship and availability of capital, to build a emerging international centre of excellence More …

Medical research

Tackling multiple sclerosis with anti-psychotics


A New Zealand medical researcher has had significant success in early stage research fighting multiple sclerosis with anti-psychotic drugs. Now she is looking for funding for further trials More …


Going Overland: Tips from a $60m footwear business

Shane Anselmi turned a worn-out Auckland cheap shoe chain into a $60 million Australasian premium footwear brand by ditching the discount model, focusing on his staff, and concentrating on the 80:20 principle (apparently it really does work). Here’s ... More …

Equity Crowdfunding

How equity crowdfunding has changed the business world

With $393 million raised globally through equity crowdfunding in the first quarter of 2014, the opportunities for New Zealand businesses are very real. This infographic shows the impact that this form of crowdfunding has had on the international business scene ... More …


Opinion: What if the NZX got the secondary board right?

An astounding suggestion, of course, but one worth pondering as a brace of new listings thunder to market and the NZX prepares to launch a new secondary board specifically targeted at so-called “growth stocks”. More …