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Can a corporate behemoth find that winning Spark?


Spark CEO Simon Moutter and his team are setting out to create a new future for a beleaguered former monopoly. Pattrick Smellie looks at the options and wonders, can an old dog change its spots? More …

Cookies on the ‘net

Online sales were a no brainer for hip Auckland milk and cookie store Moustache to connect with a global audience. More …

Rainwear faces wild Wellington test, hits Kickstarter

The Okewa rainwear collection has passed one test, reaching a first stage target of $24,000 on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, but is designed to meet an even tougher challenge: protecting wearers out in Wellington's wild weather. More …

How to win the loyalty war

Under fire from the internet and global mega brands, how can Kiwi businesses fight back and keep their customers? More …


Winning the startup name game

Your startup's name is your sales pitch and your reason for being, so why does it often get so little attention? More …

Why startup culture is old hat


Australian entrepreneur and blogger Steve Sammartino argues the new jargon coming out of the start-up culture is just an over-hyped version of plain-old marketing speak. More …